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Entreverdes ground coffee 500gr x 6 Units


Entreverdes is an Association of small coffee growers, conformed by 223 coffee growing families active in the business of producing high quality coffee. Our coffee has been produced in the tropical mountains of Pereira, in the Andean region of the Department of Risaralda, Colombia.

It is a coffee of 100% Colombian origin, consistent in its production, with excellent bean size, with the clear and precise objective of being a socially and environmentally responsible coffee, adjusted to the parameters of a climatically intelligent coffee growing.

Our objective is to improve the living conditions of the high quality coffee producing families associated with Entreverdes, with respect to their economic, technical, cultural, environmental, social and commercial development.

Coffee characteristics:

  • Notes: Chocolate and caramel
  • Acidity: Medium citric
  • Body: Medium
  • Overall impression: Smooth beverage with sweet, chocolatey notes and citric acidity.
  • Certifications: Fair Trade certifications (Fair Trade) and Café Practices verification
  • Presentarion 500gr
  • Price per un