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Mokatán ground coffee 454 GR


MOKATAN coffee brings exceptional flavors and smells to your cup, while taking you on a journey through clean landscapes preserved through ecological processes that care for the water, fauna and flora, including our endangered Gallito de Roca bird.

This coffee has a sweet taste, notes of honey and caramel. A real pleasure for the palate. It is the true origin of a tradition. The morning begins and with it the magic of a new day in La cuchilla del San Juan. Meanwhile the pure crystal of our waters meanders through the mountains, bringing vitality and happiness to more than 100 families of small coffee growers who with love and dedication produce a wonderful coffee.


Coffee Characteristics:

  • Mokatán ground coffee
  • Presentation: 454 gr
  • Notes: honey and caramel
  • Price per unit: $ 9.10