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Caturra Coffee Mujeres Chapoleras


Mujeres Chapoleras is cultivated by the Asociación Agropecuaria Café Femenino. This delicious coffee is the result of the efforts of this group of women who contribute to the development of the region based on tradition and good practices. Chapoleras Women's Coffee is produced in the infinite mountains of Huila at an altitude of 1780 meters above sea level. Its taste are recognized for its consistency and aroma having fruity and aromatic flavor 

Coffee characteristics: 

  • Roasted coffee 
  • Notes: Yellow fruits, aromatics and spices, residual, chocolate and sweet caramel
  • Body: Silky
  • Presentation: 340gr
  • Roasted: Medium
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Processing: Fermentation 100 hours