Coffee consumption habits

Coffee consumption habits

In order to understand the main coffee consumption habits it is important first to know its history and the reason for its importance in society throughout time; An attractive and culturally rich history that dates back to the XV century in the Horn of Africa, in Ethiopia, where according to stories a goat herder was amazed by the behavior of the goats after having eaten red coffee cherries. When he showed the cherries to his religious superior, the latter decided to try them as an infusion, which he quickly discarded by throwing them into the fire due to their bitter taste, when he observed that they were roasted and that they gave off a pleasant aroma, he decided to try them again and from there what we know today as coffee was born.

After a long time of expanding the coffee market little by little, it finally arrived in America in 1668, however, it was the Dutch who propagated coffee in our continent.

Since then, the coffee culture has spread around the world and coffee has become an important axis of the economy, as a valuable product and source of currency for many countries, even the exports of coffee represent a great part of the world income, besides being a source of employment for millions of people in society.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage after water, since it is a basic product in families and its popularity is essentially due to its stimulating effect and its pleasant flavor and aroma.

According to diverse studies, it has been demonstrated that those who habitually consume coffee have less brain activity before consuming it and as for preferences, the great majority of people prefer it alone, with sugar and in the company of some food such as bread, in addition to the other uses that are given to coffee such as desserts and the preparation of other beverages.

It is important to add that as Colombians it is difficult for us to differentiate between a national coffee and an imported one, as Roberto Vélez, manager of Fedecafé said "the invitation is that, if you have the means, check that on the labels there is the logo of 'Colombian Coffee', which is the one that shows that it was made in the country and has the support of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia (Fedecafé)".

And finally, as Fedecafé's slogan says "It is 300 years of history full of constant learning, always putting hard work and passion to be today the best mild coffee in the world".

Colombian coffee is distinguished for being unique and for its clear characteristics and according to studies carried out by the federation it has health benefits that allow increasing the consumption of coffee such as the prevention of diabetes, reduction of heart attacks, helps to prevent breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease, and also potentiates the performance of sportsmen and women.

Coffee has become an important part of families from generation to generation and the habits of coffee consumption have been refined through time.

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